Joanna Monks – Tell It Slant’s spring poet in residence

by Pedalling Poetry


Below is a Guest blog by Joanna Monks, our Spring poet in residence at Tell It Slant, Come and see her exhibition, on now!

“I immediately loved the idea of a residency in Tell It Slant. The surroundings of The Project Café provides the warm bustle of a café sought by many as a workspace (don’t you always see someone at a coffee shop hunched over a laptop, or surrounded by books). Amidst the warmth, music and smell of food there is also an atmosphere of creativity, experimentation and activity, a multifunctional space for a broad community. Tucked in the corner, in the bright window, Tell It Slant has bookshelves filled with poetry, worlds and images, laments and accounts, a hubbub of voices. I have been fortunate to spend three months of dedicated writing within this space.

“Until the end of June, you can find segments of the work I have been developing during the residency around the café. There are cardboard coasters printed with excerpts of some of my writing. Like a porthole they are small glimpses, passing images. If you sit in the bookshop, find the disc player and listen to a spoken story The day the ground disappeared, a collaborative piece by myself and Catherine Hotchkiss. Look out at the sunny/ clouded/ rainy/ cold/ muggy/ windy day outside, and on the window you can see a larger excerpt of the text from which the coasters are taken.

“My thanks to Kathrine Sowerby, Ellen McAteer, Anna Lomas, Catherine Hotchkiss and everyone at Project Café for all your support.” Joanna Monks June 2015