Oh frabjous day!

by Pedalling Poetry

STOP PRESS!!! Tell it slant poetry bookshop has been saved for Glasgow at the 11th hour by Basil Blackwell, musician, social entrepreneur and events organiser, a favourite face and sound at many a Project Cafe Open Mic!

Basil will be taking over the shop from Ellen and Anna in the new year. The goodbye party is cancelled! There will be a celebration party instead in the Project Cafe on the 27th of January, just in time for Burns’ birthday…

More about Basil below. Please take the time to make him feel welcome. He will be sharing his plans for the shop shortly. Poets and publishers can contact him through the shop email: tellitslantbooks@gmail.com.

Basil Blackwell was born in Dumbarton and schooled in Helensburgh and Glasgow. He avoided university and college whilst there and after busking round Europe for 4 years ended up with a mobile workshop in the North of Scotland. After returning to Glasgow in the 90s he worked in fruit,veg and flower retailing before changing tack and working in IT support for 14 years before returning to his senses. He currently works in community engagement and is still a keen musician.

Welcome to the Tell it slant community, Basil!