Tell It Slant is located within The Project Cafe, 134 Renfrew St, Glasgow G3 6ST. It is open 10am – 5pm, Tuesday – Sunday, and some evenings for events.

We are a bookshop specialising in poetry in all forms and in all languages: printed, audio and visual, including pamphlets, rare, out-of-print, and second-hand. We aim to stock poetry and prose in all the languages of Scotland and beyond. We are a social enterprise supporting The Poetry Trust, which aims to:

  • Develop outstanding creative talent at all levels through open and accessible education opportunities, cross-artform collaborations, prizes and publications.
  • Maintain and develop literature outreach programmes to schools and social welfare organisations working with vulnerable people including young people, the elderly, mentally and physically disabled people, and refugees and asylum seekers.


Tell it Slant was founded by Ellen McAteer.

See https://www.facebook.com/tellitslantbooks for more updates and event details.

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