Tell it slant is moving!

by Pedalling Poetry


Sad news. After three very good years in the wonderful Project Cafe in Glasgow, Tell it Slant is going to follow its founder down South. Ellen McAteer, who set up Tell it Slant in December 2013 with her husband Mat Loryman, moved her family to Suffolk for the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival last year, and seems set to stay. Meanwhile the bookshop, beautifully managed by Kathrine Sowerby and then Anna Tall, has circled back to her management for a third time, so she’s decided to pack it up and take it with her. Poets, artists and publishers who have work on sale or return can contact Anna or Ellen on about picking their work up within the next two months if they don’t want it to leave Scotland. Yes, don’t worry – there will be plenty of time to say goodbye, we are not leaving till after Christmas! There will be a 3rd birthday/goodbye Glasgow party for TIS in December. Meanwhile, stay tuned for TiS’s next adventure – what will it be? A bookshop of its own, another poetry cafe, or a mobile poetry library? Perhaps a residency at the new Poetry in Aldeburgh for 2017? Who can say?

Our heartfelt thanks go the the magical team at The Project Cafe for three years of supportive partnership. We will miss you! Good luck to Anna in her Masters Degree too. To all the poets of Scotland, there’s a hand, my trusty fiere! Au revoir.